Sudden increase in call volume
Looking for a PBX Alarm Monitoring Solution that :
  • Requires NO initial investment; NO up-front cost !

  • NO commitment; Low cost per site !

  • Works with ALL PBX Brands.

  • Requires NO IT Resources. NO Servers! NO Software!

Introducing Centurion PBX Alarm Monitoring

Centurion provides a hosted PBX Alarm Monitoring package to Telephone System Dealers globally. Centurion brings it's' 40 plus years experience in the telephony business to Alarms monitoring. We not only alert you of hardware issues, but also usage issues as well. Now you can include 911 calls, Toll Fraud, and more in your maintenance package.

Let Centurion Telcom do the heavy lifting

allowing you to provide universal state of the art Alarms monitoring to your customers.