Sudden increase in call volume

Protect your company for less than a cup of coffee a day.

Long distance charges can cost as little as 2 cents a minute, however your phone system and the employees who use it cost a lot more. Too many companies do not manage the real costs because they are blinded by the lower costs. This exposes companies to toll fraud, employee misuse and a general lack of understanding of their day to day telecom usage.

Centurion is a new service to manage and protect your telecom infrastructure. Centurion monitors phone activity to minimize employee misuse and toll fraud. It monitors the health of your phone system and voice mail server, archives phone records for use in case of legal issues (such as employee dismissal) and sends a succinct monthly executive report to senior managers to allow them to manage more effectively.

Combining a low monthly charge, no overhead costs and a lifetime warranty, Centurion teleprotects your company and your phone system for “Less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day”

Today’s business world requires real time decisions.

Protect and Manage with real time email alerts. Today’s corporate world leaves little time for management to actually oversee their employees. Problems often compound by the time management becomes involved. A simple issue easily resolved is now a 3 month old problem that is “complicated”. Centurion alerts management by email as soon as a defined threshold is exceeded. Management can review the alert and decide whether action should be taken immediately or to continue to monitor the situation. Management can ACT not REACT.