Sudden increase in call volume

Why carry Centurion?

Centurion sends you real time alarms on the health of your customers phone system and other network equipment. Centurion can also provide you with remote access to your equipment saving you a service call. Better service means happier customers

Centurion Teleprotects your customers by monitoring for hackers, toll fraud, misuse, and much more as well as providing reports and archiving data 24/7 for a low monthly fee.

Centurion is easy to install. The Centurion device comes preconfigured for your customer, so all you need do is plug it into an available network jack, and program the phone system to provide Call Record, alarm and status information. No firewall changes required.

Centurion does not require dealer software knowledge. There is no software to install, configure or maintain. Centurion Telcom manages all of that for you.

Centurion is a great relationship building tool. Through the Private Branded web portal and emails, Centurion keep your company name in the minds of your customers. Contact us for more information.

Centurion increases your ability to retain and expand your customer base by providing enhanced services.

Centurion increases your ability to re-sign maintenance contracts because of superior service, support and response.

Centurion opens up a whole new market for you. Centurion's features, benefits and value make it perfect for almost all businesses, and there is not other product like it on the market.

Centurion has a lifetime warranty as long as your customer is subscribed to the service.

Centurion provides monthly recurring revenue while increasing your companies visibility and profile.