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Q: How Is Centurion different than Call accounting?

A: Call accounting focuses on the cost of long distance in particular and allocating those costs to various departments, cost centers and individuals. Centurion believes that what is important to most businesses is a simple concise summary of the month’s activity combined with monitoring of exceptions to corporate policy, and phone system issues. By adding monitoring we allow companies to manage their phone system and employees actively on a real time basis versus reactively after the fact.

Q: Is Centurion expensive?

A: Centurion costs your company less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day.

Q: Do you install any equipment?

A: Centurion must collect information from your telephone system and network, and to do so, our proprietary Centurion Device is installed on your site. The Centurion Device is secure, reliable, immune to virus and hackers, and easy to install. The device is free to you for the duration of your subscription with a lifetime guarantee! With its tiny footprint, it can fit anywhere in your telephone room.

Q: Am I locked into a long term contract?

A: NO! There are no long term contracts and you typically pay quarterly at the beginning of each quarter.

Q: Can Centurion be hacked?

A: Centurion Device Cannot Be Hacked and is impervious to viruses!

  • No "Operating System"
  • No scripting capabilities
  • Firmware has only one dedicated function. Collect your data and push it to Centurion Servers
  • No open ports (for unauthorized access)
  • Does not require the customer to open any ports in your firewall
  • Code is native only to the Centurion unit

Q: Are Centurion Servers secure?

A: Centurion Servers are located in a secure data center with :

  • SSL Encryption
  • Login requiring 3 credentials for added security
  • redundant hardware
  • complete automatic backups
  • Backup power from diesel generator with a 2 day supply of fuel, and a 1 hour UPS which allows the generator time to turn on.
  • Redundant Network paths to 151 Front Street Toronto and Atria Networks in Hamilton.
  • FM-200 fire suppression system
  • 24/7 support

Q: Will my Telephone Equipment dealer have access to my records?

A: NO. Centurion Telcom takes your privacy very seriously! Your data is safe and secure and accessible only by selected users. Only your employees given appropriate access rights are able to view your data.

Q: Why archive my phone records?

A: While there are many reasons to collect and backup your phone records the most important we believe is compliance and corporate responsibility. The second would be to protect your company from legal issues (such as harassment from employees, spouses, customers or vendors). The third would be to evaluate both corporate and employee performance.

Q: Can I change the monitoring setup that defines my corporate policy?

A: A user with the correct access rights can easily modify the alarms from your client web portal.

Q: What type of access rights do my employees have to the web portal?

A: Every user that your administrator creates will be assigned one of 3 preset levels :
Administrator has full access
Full User has the same access as an administrator, except they cannot add or delete users.
View Only user can only view information, and cannot add, delete or change anything.

Q: What if I lose my web portal credentials (user name and password)?

A: Your Administrator should have this information on file, however if any part of your credentials is lost, they can be reset by Centurion Telcom so you may once again access the portal.