Sudden increase in call volume

Centurion Record Keeping

Centurion allows companies to backup and archive their phone records. But why archive your records?

Compliance: Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Corporate Responsibility. In today’s world many companies now adhere to Sarbanes Oxley and have made policy changes to ensure that all records are archived and are easily accessed. Through Centurion, every incoming and outgoing call can be identified with regard to date, time of date, length of call and phone number.

Threats: Often, employees disregard early harassment or threats from their spouses or disgruntled customers believing it will go away but then the harassment escalates. Centurion allows a company to go back months and review calls to that employee’s extension or from specific phone numbers. Patterns can be identified and by using these records action to stop the abuser can be implemented.

Terminating an under performing employee is expensive. With Centurion a quick check of calls made and calls received by these employees over the past months often reveals what they were actually doing. Centurion records help build your case. Union Settings: Centurion can be used to resolve union grievances where senior members are to be called first for overtime work. A quick check of the phone records can prove or disprove whether the contract was adhered to.