Sudden increase in call volume

Telecom Intelligence Report ®

  • Traffic Report
  • Busiest Extensions
  • Stop Hackers/Toll Fraud
  • System Alarms
  • Busiest time of day
  • Total Number of Calls
  • Executive Reports
  • Dept. Reports

  • No Hardware
  • No Software
  • No Setup Charge

Save Thousands of Dollars!

This one time report captures critical information from your phone system and a series of graphs and tables shows you EXACTLY how many phone lines your company uses versus what you pay for each month. Research shows that virtually every company is over-trunked and wasting thousands of dollars.

Centurion can help!

How is your Phone system being used?

How many calls does your company receive a month? Who are your busiest employees on the phone? Why? What is the average talk time on calls?

Telecom Intelligence report can answer these questions and help you understand how your phone system is being used.

"If you cannot measure it you cannot manage it"

Centurion can help!

System alarms and alerts

While collecting the information necessary to create the TIR, your phone system is also being monitored for any problems that could occur with the phone system. Especially helpful in a new install we see the problems before you do and send descriptive emails to your dealer outlining the problem. Often the problem can be handled remotely saving you an expensive visit.

We watch for toll fraud hackers and other issues such as too long on the phone and 911 calls.

Manufacturers Supported

Centurion supports all phone manufacturers.

Sold by authorized dealers.

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