Sudden increase in call volume

Busiest Time of Day

When is your company receiving the most calls?

Is there a massive drop off of calls at 4 PM as staff mentally prepares to leave for the day? Even though the end of the day is 5 PM?

By looking at call volume by hour inside sales can also see when incoming calls are busiest and when they can schedule outgoing sales calls to prevent sales people being overloaded when simple scheduling would ease this problem.

Below is an example of a real customer.

We can see there is a spike that occurs at 4 AM but then picks up again at 9 AM drops by 11 am and remains consistent until 3 PM when it trends down.

While management had a reason for the 4 AM spike they could not understand why the significant decline after 3 PM and when we last spoke they were addressing this issue.

This simple graph allows you to understand when your busiest times of the day are and call volume during the other hours.