Sudden increase in call volume

Save Money

85% of small and medium businesses are paying for phone lines they never use!

But how would you know? Your invoice does not tell you.

Installing phone lines in a business is done with a formula that ensures that a company never loses customers due to busy phone lines. Great, but having phone lines that have never or will never be used is very expensive and an invisible expense. We all pay monthly costs thinking we must be using these linesÖbut we arenít.

The Telecom Intelligence Report is the first economical report allowing customers to see their phone usage and how many phone lines the company really requires. Often the report pays for itself within 45 days and then continues to save you money for years to come.

How do you save $8000 over 5 years?

Todayís cost for an analog line is approximately $50. Not much until you realize a company with just 3 unused phone lines is losing $150 a month or $1600 a year. And in 5 years this is an $8000 savings.

Now if you have excess SIP lines you will not experience these kinds of savings but you will save money and more importantly you will understand how your phones system is being used. And donít forget that Toll Fraud is just as expensive with SIP lines as analog lines!

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